Additional Professional Services

Author Self Publishing Training

Bledsoe Publishing will teach you the ins and outs of self-publishing to ensure you experience the success you desire with your book. The following are the topics we will cover:

Additional Publishing Services: 

Author Self-Publishing Training

Cost $697

(Payment Plan options are available.)

Additional Publishing Services: Cover Design

Cost: $29

Our editors will provide proofreading, fact-checking, grammar correction, continuity of thought, and/or correct sentence structure, while removing duplications. 

Additional Publishing Services: Editing

Cost: up to $0.05/word 

Developmental (Structural) Editor/Editing: is a thorough and in-depth edit of the author’s manuscript. It is a complete examination of all the elements of the author’s manuscript, from single words and the phrasing of individual sentences to the overall structure and style of the manuscript (as it relates to the author’s style of writing). It can address plot holes, gaps or inconsistencies, problematic characterization, readability, paragraph cohesiveness, etc. Developmental editing focuses on the manuscript’s storyline, big picture, and plays a deeper role in the development of the manuscript. 

Copy/Line Editor/Editing: focus on the manuscript from the perspective of grammar, punctuation and diction (i.e. word choice) meant to improve readability. They look at grammar, punctuation, spelling and the need for substituting weak words and phrases with more powerful alternatives that brings out the overall message or intent of the manuscript. They ensure that the manuscript follows style rules as part of the rules for editing according to publishing industry standards. 

Proofreader/Proofreading: catches spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. They also look at format to ensure that all elements are included and appear as they should (i.e. spotting things like a word or sentence repeated twice or missing words, a headline failing to show as bold, scriptures missing the version (KJV, NKJV, NLT, etc.), quotes missing who said them, etc.). 

Additional Publishing Services: Formating

Cost: $297 

Ghost Writing Services

Bledsoe Publishing Company LLC does provide Ghost Writing Services. For more information, and to schedule a Ghost Writing Review Session, please contact us at A member of our team will contact you within 48 hours of receipt of your email.

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