The Women's

Intentional Living Journal

The Women's Intentional Living Journal

You've been waiting on this moment your whole life, and now it's time to get your Intentional Living Journal for Women and start intentionally living! In this Intentional Living Journal, you will be provided with the tools to help you understand yourself better, identify the areas in your life that are hindering you from reaching your greatest potential, and discover thoughtful and strategic ways to overcome your issues. This journal is designed to help you live an intentional, purposeful, and fulfilling life.

The Intentional Living Journal for Women is divided into three sections: How am I Living, Intentional Living Pages, and Journal Pages. With each section presenting you with exactly what YOU need to begin your process of CHANGE, and intentionally LIVING a happy, healthy and whole life. In Section 1: How am I Living, you have the opportunity to clearly identify where you are in the moment. It contains self help tools designed for YOU to identify, address, and/or recognize the issues hindering you from experiencing your deepest desires and wildest dreams. While recognizing and identifying your biggest struggles and fears. All of which are a depiction of who you are in the moment. By recognizing YOUR struggles and fears, you give yourself permission to overcome them and create a plan of action to realize your dreams while living the legacy YOU desire to gift your family, community, and the world. Section 2: Intentional Living Sheets provides you with a guided 31-day challenge that enables, equips, inspires and empowers YOU to accept where you are while beginning the process of intentionally and purposefully living your life. It helps you maintain a positive outlook while chronicling your successes, growth moments, prayers, affirmations, etc. Section 3: Journal Pages is where you will chronicle your experiences, share your thoughts, feelings and ideas as you fully step into who God purposed you to be.

I'm Possible Accountability Journal

I'm Possible Accountability Journal

You are capable of achieving what you want in life, and the I'm Possible Accountability Journal will help transform your vision into reality. Knowing how to maintain accountability is critical to any goal/objective you may set in life. This 31-day guided journal is designed to empower you to achieve, complete, and/or attain the goals/objectives you want to complete over the next 31 days. It is a simple and effective tool to:

  1. Create clarity on what you want to achieve, complete and/or attain in life.

  2. Develop the tools needed to hold yourself accountable for those things.

  3. Achieve more by doing less!

This journal will help you create awareness that there are no excuses for what is possible for YOU! So, stop doubting your greatness and start investing in your future! Now is the time to quit looking at what you haven't done yet, and start smashing your goals/objectives to experience the life you deserve. It begins with and ends with YOU!

Don't delay - get started on living your best life TODAY!

iWrote Lined Journal:

...where my thought land!!!

(size 7"x10")

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iWrote Lined Journal:

...the Blueprint of my Creativity!!!

(size 8.25"x11")

$10.99 Paperback | $17.99 Hardcover

iWrote Lined Journals

The iWrote Journals are designed to allow the user to share their hopes, thoughts, dreams, creativity, goals, objectives, etc. on its pages where YOUR thoughts land. These iWrote journals are available to help people safely release what's clogging up their heart and mind, and offer the opportunity to bring clarity, healing and memories every time a pen or pencil flows across its pages.

The iWrote Journal Series provides a beautiful place to start healing, sharing creativity, releasing and moving forward in their life, instead of remaining stuck in and by the thoughts that have the opportunity to inform their life/actions and chronicling life happening moments. Purchase yours today in either paperback or hardcover, or both by clicking the link below.

Arranged in two sections, these guided prayer journals provide the user/reader with Prayer List pages to list their prayers and document when the prayer was answered, and daily prayer pages to help the user/reader stay focused and be consistent in their prayer life. These gorgeous t-shirts speak to the faith you have in God when you commune with Him daily.

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Unapologetically Blacknificent Intentional Living Journal for Women and Men

Are you sick and tired of feeling like you are not enough? Have you wasted precious time and energy trying to fix yourself instead of loving, accepting, and celebrating yourself? Couples, are you struggling in your relationship with your mate? Are you wishing there was a simpler way to achieve your dreams, live intentionally, while preserving your health, happiness, relationships, faith, finances, and environment? Wish no more!

The Unapologetically Blacknificent Journal for men and women is designed for individuals and couples to work the activities individually or together, while learning how to live intentionally as they build an intentional and unapologetic life/relationship. For couples, it presents them the opportunity to be on the same page while building a rewarding, loving, and lasting relationship.

The Unapologetically Blacknificent Intentional Living Journal is designed to help each person live an intentional, purposeful, and fulfilling life, while celebrating the beauty and richness found within the African American culture. Order your Unapologetically Blacknificent Intentional Living Journal TODAY, and live a life full of purpose and fulfillment.

Personal Investment:

Hardback Cover: $29.99 | Paperback Cover: $19.99