Bledsoe Publishing Company LLC is a socially conscious independent publishing company organized in 2022 to serve authors and writing professionals with digital courses through their collaboration with the Authorpreneur Academy, its coaching program and professional publishing services. Bledsoe Publishing's coaching program builds the author's confidence while turning their fear into a usable energy source. We also help the author structure a unique author journey that invigorates and enables them to produce and offer an exceptional literary project to the marketplace. A journey that encourages the author to boldly step into their divinely assigned space.

We believe everyone has one book in them, whether it is a non-fiction book that shares their life testimony or that of a loved one, a book of inspiration, affirmations, and/or poems, the documentation of their uniquely designed process or system, or a series that speaks to or highlights a specific human condition. By sharing their knowledge and/or wisdom with the world, the author determines what their author journey will look like and begins designing an integral part of the legacy they gift the world. What each author/writer brings or offers the marketplace is uniquely different from anything another author offers. Why? Because they are the secret ingredient!

Bledsoe Publishing accomplishes this by educating the author on the systems, processes, techniques, the importance of writing in their unique style, and how to best represent their authentic self in the marketplace by:

Bledsoe Publishing also sponsors the Bledsoe Annual Scholarship Fund for graduating high school seniors and college students. A percentage of all fees collected from the publishing services offered will be donated to the scholarship fund. There will also be fundraising opportunities that afford our community to participate in investing in the future of our scholarship recipients. The following are the three scholarships awarded annually:

For more information about our publishing company and/or the scholarship program, please contact us at

Meet the CEO

Michelle P. Jones, Founder/CEO

Michelle P. Jones is the Founder/President of Bledsoe Publishing Company LLC an independent publishing firm where she focuses on informing, empowering, and equipping entrepreneurial creatives, authors, and professional writers to structure and view their writing as a business set for exponential growth. Michelle has self-published two books for national distribution: Grasping Your Success: Six Steps to Starting and Legitimizing Your Business (published 2017) and Walking on Water in My Stilettos: How God Strengthened My Faithwalk (published 2018). She also published the 2021 ABF Best Book Awards Finalist in Religion-Christianity book, Desperate Housewives of Biblical Proportions with Enhanced DNA Publishing, contributed to the anthology "As for Me and My House: Stories to Help Onboard Households for Entrepreneurship" (published December 2019) and in 2022 and 2023 has created seven lined and activity based journals for national distribution. Michelle is a writer's writer and shares her gift with the world through her quarterly writing clinics and coaching program. Additionally, she is the executive producer

and host of the bi-weekly podcast, The Unapologetically Michelle Show, where she discusses real, relevant, raw, and life-changing topics that positively influence listeners' choices and decision-making processes. Michelle firmly believes that life is a series of moments, and that overcoming obstacles and sharing the lessons learned can help others navigate their own journey through life with greater purpose and intention. Michelle is known for her deep appreciation of people and takes pleasure in sharing her wealth of knowledge with others. Michelle's dedication to equipping authors with the tips and tools they need to succeed in the marketplace is unwavering and shows her dedication to her craft and her community. As you can see, Michelle is an individual with diverse interests that include reading, writing, listening to good music, and watching action-packed and Sci-Fi movies. She holds the firm belief that information is power and is committed to sharing her knowledge with others to empower them to live their lives boldly and with purpose. 

Michelle began her writing career with a desire to share the information she held with her clients. Like many other authors, Michelle did not know what the publishing process consisted of. After learning the steps for both the self-publishing and independent publishing processes, Michelle was able to publish over 10 books for national distribution and be a contributing author for an anthology. Each book project took Michelle on a journey that taught her about the publishing process and the need for professional publishing resources in the marketplace. Michelle believes life is a series of life happening moments, and it is not about the fact that you went through them, but that you overcame each of them and stepped back into your community to intentionally and purposefully share those life lessons with others to help them traverse their journey called life. 

From that belief, Bledsoe Publishing Company LLC was born to offer authors a personalized publishing experience.  An experience that speaks to the integrity and commitment of the company to help each author achieve their goal of introducing a literary project to the marketplace, and provide a platform for authors to access digital courses, programs and/or services necessary to successfully publish their manuscript.