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Bledsoe Publishing is committed to telling YOUR story to attract and build YOUR community of readers who are waiting to HEAR what YOU have to say. I look forward to meeting YOU, learning about YOUR story, and introducing you both to the marketplace!!!

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Before building a publisher/author relationship, you may have some questions and/or concerns that you need more information on before signing on the dotted line. This is your opportunity to talk about your literary project and get clarity on the literary packages Bledsoe Publishing offers and BPC's proposed strategic plan for publishing your book. Bledsoe Publishing is committed to telling stories and building communities. 

We have a professional team that is well equipped and ready to provide you with quality and professional publishing services.  We specialize in equipping our authors with navigating life after their publication date with our Author's Aftercare.

We understand that there are authors who want to take their writing to the next level, and/or need that extra attention to ensure they are prepared for life after publication. We also gladly provide specialized coaching packages to meet each author's needs. Schedule a FREE Discovery Call to discuss the coaching services that best meet your needs.

We provide writing courses that educates, inspires and empowers writers and/or authors to produce exceptional literary projects to the marketplace. The Authorpreneur Academy offers the following digital educational packages: the Writer's BookKamp, the ABC's of Authorship, Authors Get The B.A.G. (Brand, Action, Goals), and the Journey to Authorpreneurship.

Bledsoe Publishing Spotlight...

Author's BookKamp

Introducing the revamped Author's BookKamp Programming, your comprehensive and innovative companion on your 31-day writing journey. Going beyond traditional writing guidance, this cutting-edge program now incorporates vital lessons from our extensive research into the 'Mentality of an Author' — an approach that's been shown to improve writers' productivity and satisfaction (University College London, 2023). We provide a comprehensive toolkit for writing, guiding you through character development, plot construction, and the refinement of your unique writing voice across various genres. More than a writing class, the BookKamp offers a deep dive into the complex world of publishing. Gain insights into the processes of manuscript submission, copy-editing, and book design, while exploring both traditional and self-publishing pathways. We're more than just a course; we're a community. Our personalized coaching and strategic planning services adapt to your needs, preparing you not just to write compelling narratives, but also to establish a fulfilling writing career. Join us at the Author's BookKamp and embark on your unique literary journey, where your voice and your stories make a profound impact. Your authorship dream is within reach - let us help you bring it to life. Our Author's BookKamp is meticulously designed to guide the author through their unique writing process. It's not just about getting words on the page, it's about understanding their motivations, overcoming their challenges, and unlocking their full potential as an author. Drawing on insights from the commonalities of successful authors, the BookKamp offers: Weekly lessons, Exercises, Developing their Ideal Reader Avatar, Identity Audit, Affirmations, etc. that help each author hone their skills, fuel their creativity, and maintain their writing discipline — critical factors that studies have shown to be linked with higher levels of writing success (Journal of Writing Research, 2023).

Enroll in the Author's BookKamp Programming TODAY and take your writing journey to new heights.


The Authorpreneur's Studio

I am PERSONALLY inviting YOU to JOIN the Authorpreneur's Studio community. By joining this community, you will benefit from the trainings, tips, tools and conversations that will take place in this space.  In this is the space, we will leverage our love of writing, desire to share information with our community, and our savvy mindset into a lucrative business.

There are BENEFITS to being in this extraordinary community. You will get access to the information before anyone else. Plus, you will get FREE information and access to products and/or services before the general public. I believe KNOWLEDGE is power, and this is the space where we will purposefully share the KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM we each hold. Let's grow, learn and experience authorpreneurship TOGETHER!!! As I always say, " excuses... let's get to work!"

Client Testimonials...

"When I joined the Author's BookKamp it was at a critical moment for me. The bookwriting process was overwhelming at time but the Author's BookKamp and Coach Michelle were so helpful to me, and helped me remain focused to stay the course and finish my book. I know for a fact that the lessons and exercises in wirting made me more aware of my skills and also made me comfortable to express myself in word form. Coach Michelle's personality and instruction made it so pleasant to write in the moment. I know that the experience has been a benefit to my writing journey and I would recommend the Author's BookKamp to anyone needing help to bring their vision of their books to fruition. I greatly appreciate the feedback, advice and guidance in very way because it was what I  needed when I needed it. I can say due to completing the course I was successful in publishing my first literary wor. I pray that this organziation  under the leadership of Coach Michelle grows and helps many more up and coming authors achieve their writing goals."

Rosetta Priestly


Video Author's BookKamp Testimonial.

Daisy Marrs


"I am Tammorra Golder, founder and president of Golder Publishing. I founded my publishing company to express my voice through writing, which brings impactful thoughts and life-changing experiences...  I entered the publishing industry to save money, and gain an additional stream of income through my personal publications... I didn’t have the knowledge, nor understood the “how” in publishing. I was stuck and found myself in a bad way trying to publish my first book, because I wanted to learn the process of publishing. I sought out Michelle P. Jones (Bledsoe Publishing Company LLC) for publishing coaching. The Training for Independent Publishers (TIPs) Course I took was... the best investment and gift I could ever have sown into myself and my business. Not only did we have live virtual trainings, but she also provided me with the training materials after each session. In addition, if I have any publishing questions, she makes herself available to answer those questions. The integrity of Bledsoe Publishing is priceless! If you aspire to write a book or own an independent publishing company, I highly recommend Coach Michelle and Bledsoe Publishing Company LLC."

Tammorra Golder

Golder Publishing